Galya Fortuna (DE)

Galya Fortuna
Light Kronos x Nikita Fortuna (f. Kameraad) – filly 2013
Earnings €5.195,-
Record 1.17,7 – 2.000m
 6 wins
Home trained at the Fortuna Hoeve
Galya Fortuna
Galya Fortuna
Galya Fortuna Dinslaken
Galya Fortuna (#9) again from last to first place!
July 17 2o17, 1st at Alkmaar – 1.20,2 – 2.060m
Galya Fortuna from last to first place!
May 15 2o17, 1st at Alkmaar – 1.19,0 – 2.060m
Galya Fortuna wins after race first over!
February 20 2o17, 1st at Alkmaar – 1.21,3 – 2.060m
Galya Fortuna wins on muddy Alkmaar
October 2nd 2o16, 1st at Alkmaar – 1.21,0 – 2.060m
Galya Fortuna wins after a trip on the outside
September 11th 2o16, 1st at Groningen – 1.18,9 – 2.300m
First win Galya Fortuna with a fabulous last round!
July 11nd 2o16, 1st at Dinslaken – 1.19,5 – 2.100m

Galya Fortuna as a Yearling

Galya ortuna
Galya Fortuna

Nikita Fortuna (1.13,2 – € 32.480)

Winner of 13 of her 43 starts, this fast mare is dam of talented winning offspring.

Light Kronos (1.12,0 – €479.443)

Light Kronos was second in the Italian Derby, in the very strong Italian year with great horses like Lisa America, Lana del Rio and Libeccio Grif. Light Kronos won classic races as a 2yo and 3yo.

His first crop is two years old in 2014.

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