Freeway Fortuna

Freeway Fortuna
Conway Hall x Saratoga Yankee (f. Yankee Glide) – filly 2012
Earnings € 73.910,-

8  wins

Record 1.11,8 – 1.750m
Record 1.12,2 – 2.100m

Record 1.13,5 – 2.850m

With 1.13,2 as a 3yo, Freeway Fortuna is the fastest Dutch 3yo trotter of the year in 2015.

Winner at Hippodrome Vincennes, Paris!

Freeway Fortuna
Freeway Fortuna

Freeway Fortuna wins at Vincennes in her final race!!! 

12.02.2018 – 1.15,5 over 2.850m – Hippodrome Vincennes, Paris

Freeway Fortuna wins over 2.600m with Le Diable Belge Verbeeck!
November 26th 2o16, at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.16,6 – 2.600m

Freeway Fortuna finishes strong to win with the Boss!
November 11th 2o16, at Draf- en Renbaan Duindigt – 1.17,4 – 2.000m

Freeway Fortuna flies with Friesian Hilda to win!
October 9th 2o16, at Draf- en Renbaan Duindigt – 1.16,2 – 2.000m

Freeway Fortuna wins The race of the Legends on Derby Day!
August 28th 2o16, at Draf- en Renbaan Duindigt – 1.17,5 – 2.000m

Freeway Fortuna fast with Kurt Roeges
August 21th 2o16, at Stadspark Groningen – 1.15,9 – 1.700m

Freeway Fortuna (#9) wins in a super fast final 500m!
April 27th 2o16, at Draf- en Renbaan Duindigt – 1.17,2 – 2.000m

Freeway Fortuna (#2) wins in a super fast new record of 1.13,2!
November 15th 2o15, at Gelsenkirchen Racetrack – 1.13,2 – 1.609m

Freeway Fortuna wins 3yo qualifier.
April 8th 2o15, at Victoria Park Wolvega Racetrack – 1.16,5 – 2.100m

Freeway Fortuna wins her qualifier as a 2yo.
 September 13nd 2o14, at Victoria Park Wolvega Racetrack – 1.15,3 – 1.609m