Kane Fortuna (DE)

Explosive Matter x Jane O’ Donnell (f. SJ’s Photo)

Colt born April 2017

Half brother to Floyd Fortuna (1.12,7), Gucci Fortuna (1.14,8) and Horatio Fortuna (1.16,5).

Kane Fortuna

Kenway Fortuna

Donato Hanover x Saratoga Yankee (f. Yankee Glide)

Filly born March 2017

Sister to Broadway (1.11,5), Conway  (1.11,5), Freeway (1.11,9), Gateway (1.13,6) and Highway Fortuna (1.14,4).

Kenway Fortuna

Kimberly Fortuna (DE)

Explosive Matter x She’s a Flirt (f. Like a Prayer)

Filly born March 2017

Half sister to the fast Flirt Fortuna (1.11,3), Dimanche Fortuna (1.13,5) and Guccio Fortuna (1.14,2).

Kimberly Fortuna

Kiwi Fortuna (DE)

Muscle Massive x Dimanche Fortuna (f. Credit Winner)

Filly born March 2017

First foal of Dimanche Fortuna (1.13,5). Close related to the fast Flirt Fortuna (1.11,3).

Kiwi Fortuna

Kumanu Fortuna (DE)

Conway Hall x All This Hanover (f. Yankee Glide)

Filly born May 2017

Sister to Friday Fortuna (rec. 1.13,6), Gonato (rec. 1.17,0) en Indiana Fortuna (Qu 3yo). Close related to Donato Hanover.

Kumanu Fortuna