Dimanche Fortuna

Dimanche Fortuna
Credit Winner x She’s a Flirt (f. SJ’s Photo) – filly 2010
Earnings € 13.092,- + €1.450,- at kortebaan/short track
Record 1.13,5 -1.609m
1 win

Dimanche Fortuna was second in the consolation Derby 2013 and third in the Fokkers Troffee 2013.

Dimanche Fortuna
Dimanche Fortuna

Dimanche Fortuna fast win at Gelsenkirchen

September 14th 2o14, 1st at Gelsenkirchen racetrack – 1.15,0 – 1.609m

Dimanche Fortuna 2nd at Kortebaan Heemskerk 2015

September 3rd 2o15, 2nd at Kortebaan Heemskerk – Purse €1.200,-

Dimanche Fortuna second in Derby Consolation 2013

August 25th 2o13, 2nd at Duindigt Racetrack Wassenaar – 1.18,7 – 2.000m