Coktail Fortuna

Coktail Fortuna
Love You x Dalloah No (f. Diamond Way) – gelding 2009
Earnings  2.026.676 Kr
Record 1.10,4 – 1.609m
21 wins

Winner Derby Elimination 2012.
4th in Derby 2012.
Winner Finale Boko Champions Challenge February 2015.
Exported to Norway in April 2015 to continue his racing carreer.

Winner Silverdivision Finale at Bjerke

Winner of the Anders Jahres Pokalløp 2018 at Jarlsberg

Coktail Fortuna
Coktail Fortuna
Coktail Fortuna

Coktail Fortuna winner of the Anders Jahres Pokalløp 2018! 

8 july 2018, 1st Jarlsberg Norway – 1.12,4 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna a strong 2nd in a new PR 0f 1.12,5!
August 12th 2o15, 2nd at Bjerke Norway – 1.12,5 – 1.609m

Coktail Fortuna wins in a new PB!
April 16th 2o15, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.14,4 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna wins 5 out of 5, impressive!
March 13th 2o15, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.15,2 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna wins Finale Boko Champions Challenge
4th win out of 4 starts!
February 24th 2o15, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.15,5 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna wins 3rd start in a row!
January 30st 2o15, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.17,3 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna wins hands down in 1.15,0 (PB)
January 16th 2o15, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.15,0 – 2.100m

Impressive comeback win of Coktail Fortuna in a new lifetime mark!
December 26th 2o14, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.15,2 – 2.100m

Coktail Fortuna wins his Derby Elimination 2012
August 12th 2o12, 1st at Duindigt Racetrack Wassenaar – 1.18,2 – 2.000m