Andriy Fortuna

Andriy Fortuna
SJ’s Photo x Nikita Fortuna (f. Kameraad) – gelding 2007
Earnings $102.942
Record 1.10,8 – 1.609m
42  starts – 19 wins

Andriy Fortuna won races in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.
Winner Breeders Crown 2014.
Exported to the USA in March 2015, to continue his carreer in racing. Won his first race at Yonkers Raceway May 15th 2015.
Andriy Fortuna
Andriy Fortuna
Andriy Fortuna wins in 1.56,2 for Gary Barbere!
October 12 2o17, 1st at Plainridge Park Casino – 1.56,2 (1.12,4) 1.609m
Andriy Fortuna with a nose
August 15 2o17, 1st at Plainridge Park Casino
Andriy Fortuna winner at Plainridge
June 17 2o17, 1st at Plainridge Park Casino
Andriy Fortuna wins again in the USA!
 August 2nd 2o16, 1st at Yonkers Raceway – 1.59,0 / 1.13,9 – 1.609m
Andriy Fortuna wins in his second start in the USA!
May 15th 2o15, 1st at Yonkers Raceway – 1.56,1 / 1.12,2 – 1.609m
Andriy Fortuna wins the Breeders Crown A/B/C 2014
 October 4th 2o14, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.14,6 – 2.100m
Andriy Fortuna easily stays out of reach of strong opponents
August 10th 2o14, 1st at Duindigt Racetrack Wassenaar – 1.16,2 – 2.000m
Impressive win of Andriy Fortuna from the death seat at Jägersro
 September 2nd 2o12, 1st at Jägersro Racetrack Sweden – 1.13,1 – 2.140m
Andriy Fortuna vs. Commander Crowe part 2
July 7th 2o14, 2nd at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.15,8 – 2.100m
Andriy Fortuna wins 100 Jahre BM-Geburtstagsrennen in Berlin
September 29th 2013, 1st at Berlin Mariendorf – 1.15,9 – 2.000m
Andriy Fortuna vs. Commander Crowe part 1
June 15th 2014, 3rd at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.13,0 – 2.100m
Andriy Fortuna wins in 1.13,8
May 10th 2014, 1st at Victoria Park Wolvega – 1.13,8 – 2.100m